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What is squido?

squido is an open-source static website generator built with Node.js aimed at users who want to get a website up and running easier and faster. We've build everything into the core of squido meaning your only need to write plugins when you want to further customize your website.

squido is built using the Jamstack principles which makes your website faster, more secure, and easier to deploy and scale. With Jamstack, the entire website is prebuilt into highly optimized static pages and assets during the build process. This process of building and pre-rendering results in websites that can be served directly from a CDN, reducing the cost, complexity and risk of dynamic servers.

squido has everything you need to get started with absolutely no coding experience.

Getting started is only a few simple commands away!

Copied: /my-website/build/content/stylesheets/style.css
Copied: /my-website/build/content/stylesheets/bootstrap.css
Built: /my-website/build/index.html
Built: /my-website/build/404.html
Built: /my-website/build/about/index.html
[Build complete]
[Watching for changes]
Server started at: http://localhost:4965


Everything you need is built in, so no plugins or coding is required. Simply design your layouts, write your posts/pages, build and deploy.

Deploy faster

No plugins or coding is required meaning you can get to building your website without worrying about the basics of running a website.

Generate Static HTML

The generator build to static HTML meaning your website is faster, easier to develop/debug and uses a syntax which is easy to read.

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Templates supplied

We have multiple boilerplate templates to get you started quicker by adjusting a working example to suite your needs. Use Handlebars, EJS or Pug template engines.

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Markdown supported

Posts or Pages are written in Markdown format which is easy to learn and faster to write.

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Easy deployment

Super easy to deploy on Netlify or Github pages for free. Blazingly fast hosting at a fraction of the cost of other website hosting.

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Swagger API docs

Enable Swagger and generate your super fast static API documentation.

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Minify code

Minify your CSS and Javascript by default making your static website smaller and even FASTER!

What do I need?

We've built everything into squido so it's quicker talking about the things you don't need.